Celeste Michele Castaldo

American Board Certified Naturopath, USA
M.D.(A.M.), Doctorate in Alternative Medicine, India
Baccalaureate in Naturopathic Studies, SFSU, USA

Celeste Castaldo is a serial entrepreneur and naturopath, with decades of experience in regenerative and rehabilitation medicine practices, utilizing a variety of health and wellness technologies.

She launched several successful ventures, and has worked with numerous notable leaders in the United States, as well as internationally.  

Regenerative Health Beverly Hills, acquired by Swiss Medica, 2023

American Holistic Health Academy LLC

Paradise Health Resorts Inc

Heaven on Earth Med Spa

California Holistic Health

Paradise Health Development Consulting

LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/celeste-michele-castaldo-23723736   

Celeste has worked with people from all around the world, including US & international government agencies, world-renowned royalty and heads of state, physicians, professional athletes, actors, Fortune 500 executives, Silicon Valley Tech founders, authors, publishers, music & motion picture industry professionals, celebrity chefs, and many others.  With over thirty years of education, training and experience, Celeste has developed a very integrative approach to holistic health. Her training started in her early childhood with Japanese Ju Jitsu spinal alignment adjustment techniques, she completed a Bachelor degree in Naturopathic Studies from San Francisco State University, she then continued her education in the MD medical doctorate program at International University of Health Sciences, and with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Board Certification Studies, she also completed a certification in Clinical Nutrition from Gulf Medical University, and doctoral studies in Alternative Medicines, M.D. (A.M.), from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.

Celeste worked several years in the nursing field during her university education years, at which time she also began her extensive study and training in holistic health, regenerative & rehabilitative therapies, biofeedback, and yoga. Celeste promotes the "best of the best" in natural and holistic health, and modern medical practices, including advocating use of: integrative medicine and wellness approaches to optimal health and healing, regenerative medicine protocols such as approved stem cell therapies, organic products, raw, vegan, plant-based living nutrition, fitness, clinically proven herbal, Vitamin, mineral, and orthomolecular supplementation.  She works with leading experts in the field of holistic healing and medicine, including Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD, Dr. Abdelraouf Fouad, Associate Professor General Medicine & Diabetes, Eton Univ. California, USA, International Examiner Royal College of GP, UK, and Swiss Medica Regenerative Medicine Clinics physicians in Europe

Dr.  Jayson A Hymes MDMPH,  FACPM, FASAM, QME, Preventive Medicine • Beverly Hills, CA

Swiss Medica California

Dr. Nikolay Vorobiev, Physician, 

Founder, Swiss Medica California 

Dr. Nikolay Vorobiev is full member of American Assosiation of Anti-aging Medicine and International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy.  He is an active participant of international medical conferences and forums, including the American Medical Tourism Association.    

Dr. Vasily Vorobiev, Physician, 

Founder, Swiss Medica California

Dr. Vasily Vorobiev is a physician practicing regenerative medicine, and is an active participant of international medical conferences and forums, including the American  Medical Tourism Association, and American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.  


American Holistic Health Academy LLC completed a Startup Incubator program with the Silicon Valley Y Combinator and Founders Space.